Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gone Truckin

 Beginning early tomorrow morning I will be going with my dad on the road for a 2 week haul!  It's not often that everything works out for me to go with him so this is a happy treat :)  
Where are we headed you ask?  Out where young men and young woman have been "told" to go for many a year - WEST!  
I plan on taking many, many pictures and may possibly get a chance to post some along the way!  
See y'all later!

Happy trails to you. . . . . 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Memories.  Laughter.  
Running, playing.  
Foot loose and care free. 

Brick wall, SMASH!  
A jolting reminder of the present reality.
Hurts, pain.  

                     Will I ever remember the past without the jolting realization of the present?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meet Patrick and Connor

(left to right) Connor, age 6 and Patrick, just turned 9 on the 26th  
Not long ago I got the chance to spend 10 days with these 2 boys and their mom, while their dad was out of town.   

(Here are some pictures we took using my laptop's camera)

I had so much fun!  Connor and I made a lot of picture "books."  Mostly about animals and many about Elephants - his absolute favorite animal :)  We also played "Angry Birds" using Play-Doug and blocks (it's almost more fun than the virtual game!).  
  Patrick loves to play Uno and since that happens to be my favorite card game as well we played it several times.  
Both boys love to build things with blocks.  We built several zoos, fortresses, towns, and etc.  They are very good at playing hide-and-go-seek.  We shared many laughs and lots of fun!
I also enjoyed the many discussions their mom and I had together, while watching "Say Yes to the Dress," during dinner, while working in the kitchen or just relaxing on the sofa.  Talking about the world and it's many goings-on ;)  
I had such a lovely time getting better acquainted with this family, and hope to see them again soon!