Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello New Day!

Sun light, chasing away the night.
Fresh breeze, carrying away the reasons to scream
Breathes of clear air, momentarily erasing cares
Blue sky, bringing color into gray and white
Voices filled with innocence, reviving joy in hurting hearts
Work, providing the chance to further grow in mind and body

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Happiness

My room seems to be the most active room in the house today. 
Tommy and Zeb are wrestling on the bed.  Boys will be boys ;)
Channing is either playing with my basketball or running from the threat of being tickled by Abby.
Aidon sporadically pops in and out, each time having some sort of grand news about the happenings in the rest of the house. 
And Evelyn, with regal air,  is parading around in her "pwincess dwess." 
In the midst of all this I'm at my desk concentrating on school work, with the "Braveheart" sound track playing on my iTunes to somewhat combat the, almost-too-loud, happy sounds around me. 

I love my life!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

By No Other Name As Sweet. . .

Love, who on earth can wholly understand it?

It frightens, yet it comforts

It fights for what is right, yet is ever ready to live in peace

It judges with a righteous anger, yet, when asked, it, without hesitation, forgives with mercy and grace

It demands our very best, yet does not require perfection

It can feel like hurt, yet it heals

It threatens, yet it protects

It is risky even dangerous, yet in it's arms we find complete safety

It is so simple, yet increasingly complex

It can't be bought however it comes at a great cost

None can be worthy of it's presence, yet it none can live without it

It can be rejected but never stopped

It can be persecuted but never extinguished

Many times has it been professed, but only once, nailed to a cross, was it's truest identity ever portrayed
It's agents are joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control,
gentleness, and faithfulness

It is the producer of Hope

The foundation of Faith

The greatest of the three that forever remain

It brings life

It annihilates self

It evokes sacrifice

It is Love.  It . . . is God!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trés Magnifique!!

I wanted to share some of my recent excitement with all of you.  This year in my co-op art class we've been learning about colors!  This is one of my assignments.  Done completely with colored pencils!!
 Up till now I've used your typical graphite drawing pencils for most of my drawings.  Excepting of course the occasional doodling with crayons or Sharpies, on the side :)
Taking this class has really heightened my sense of the colors around me. 
Not so much that I notice them more but that I am beginning to notice the details of the colors themselves more!
I am immensely enjoying learning more about them!!!

I am so grateful and amazed beyond words at God's creation of color. 
It's so profoundly wondrous to me, to witness color in motion.  The brilliant pinks and reds streaked across the morning sky, melting into the icy blue of the approaching day.  
The blues, blacks, whites, grays, greens, and browns that appear, then disappear, on the surface of a lake's rippling waters.  From a field drenched with the brilliant color of flowers.  To the silencing beauty of a rainbow after the rain, ever reminding us of God promise to mankind (genesis 9:9-12).
And have you ever noticed the hints of purple and red found, in the shadow, on the underside of a leaf?
Just contemplating what life would be like without color is so saddening, yet so exciting to know that we do have and are surrounded by colors!! 
Try to stop and think of how much joy colors alone bring into your life.
A simple thought maybe, but for me it has been mind-blowing.

So look around and enjoy God's creativity reflected by
this marvelous creation of His,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seemingly Simple

How often do you stop and think of how the seemingly mundane, every day things really have an extravagant      importance in your life?  We are completely surrounded by what we refer to as "simple," "little," or even "unimportant" things.   Are they really so simple?  So little?  
Think of air one of the many necessary things we take for granted.  The ability to inhale and exhale.  In reading the last 2 sentences you've breathed in and out about 5 or 7 times (hey that's not easy to count while you're reading).  
Here's another one.  The single movement of any of your fingers.  Simple right?  You probably just did it without even thinking.  But what about the actual intricacy of that single motion?  How much information has to pass from your brain, through the nervous system, to that specific finger, and at an AMAZING rate of speed!  And  if you just moved your finger again not only were you doing that but you were also contemplating all the work put into that one movement.  In other words, you were multi-tasking!!  
What I'm trying to get at is how simple do we really think the "simple" things of life really are?  How often do we stop ourselves from thinking of the huge "mountains" we may be facing, to find a genuine joy in the "simple" things with which we've been so abundantly blessed?  
A warm ray of sunshine on your face.  
The smell of coffee (can I hear an amen?!).  
A child's carefree giggle.  
The fact that, proven by the pile of dirty dishes, there was enough for everyone to have their fill at the last meal.  Crystal clear water that automatically flows from the spicket, as soon as you turn that little nob.  
And the countless other comforts of a home.
So I ask again, is "simple" really so simple?  Are not the seemingly "simple" things the things that are most important, most complex, and most profound?    

Jesus showed that the "simple" things are just as important to him as the "not-so-simple" things. 
He spoke of lilies in comparison to kings.  
He cares for the sparrows.  Probably the least favored of all birds.  
He won't ignore, but instead honors, the "simple" words, thoughts, and desires of children.    

Simple things wouldn't be so important to us if they really, truthfully weren't so simple in their impact on us.

What is something that you simply take for granted? 
Thank Jesus for the "simple" blessings He's given you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun Diddly-Dee

Good friends, music; jewelry, decor and chocolate stores, coffee shop, a Shakespearian play,
chocolate and more chocolate.
Here is the perfect recipe for the best way to begin ones weekend, and to brighten the whole rest of your week!  I highly recommend giving it a try :)