Thursday, February 9, 2012

The "C" Word

As the word rolls off, washing my tongue with soap seems necessary.
An almost overwhelming desire for it to be rid.
"It wouldn't be such an unappealing word,"  I've often thought, "if it wasn't accompanied so well by it's meaning."

{change - making or becoming different,  alteration or modification,  
      new experience; substitution of one thing for another}  

So many times I've wished that things would stay "just the way they are and never change."
But "oh Self how silly you are.  Don't you already know that you NEED change?
How would you ever grow and learn without it?
Yes it will hurt but how else will you ever find peace without first knowing pain?
How will you ever know true beauty if you have never seen the ashes?
How would you ever know the difference of when you where a child to where you are now,
if change didn't take it's course and do it's work?"

How much better I might learn these lessons and
my relationship with Father be ever more strengthened if only I'd learn
to look past this twisting hurricane, beyond the wreckage after and strain to get a glimpse of
the masterpiece in the making.

The clay is being shaped and molded.
Twisted and spun in circles.
And see, a shape is forming. . . . .


  1. Beautifully written. I've struggled with this word a fair bit as well. (ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I'm very much a creature of habit.:P)
    Good thoughts, Bet. :)

  2. Bethany, you have never said a truer word. It is extremely hard to accept change, especially if it is change that directly affects you. And while it is definitely good and a first step to realize that change is actually a tool God uses and sometimes it is what God wants of us, change will be something to struggle with throughout our lives here on this earth.

    Encouraging right? : ) But seriously, just when we settle into a routine or think we have something figured out, that's when you had better look out and beware, because that "C" word won't be far behind.

    But it is not only necessary, it is good. (ultimately) So, thanks so much for those wonderful thoughts and keep reminding yourself and others of this during their times of change. : )

  3. Amen! As much as I hate change myself, it's true that without it we cannot grow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You have a great gift when it comes to words! :)