Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glorious Victory

What glorious victory! What happiness divine!
To live your life lovingly and honorably die.
The kindness and mercy and grace you were shown,
Directed the path you travelled on; the path that led you home.

You entered this world with nothing save one tiny cry
And that protective, loving look you saw in your parents' eyes.
Though so small you knew your safety lay,
In the assurance of your parents being there to great you, at the dawning of each day.

Yet all too soon you grew to learn
More of this corrupted world into which you were born;
That it's not all just LollyPops, Candy Canes, and butterflies
Happy people who always smile, and and lips that never tell lies.

You grow older and soon realize, your parents can't save you from the calamities that happen.
After searching in vain you reach out in one last attempt and are caught by a firm yet gentle hand.
Since that day these hands have been your only guide and map.
Though at times you've strayed they are continually open as He readily welcomes you back.

You've tried to stay the course, to lead a life well lived
And looking back wonder, did you willingly offer in every chance you had to give?
The kindness and mercy and grace that you hope you've shown,
You pray will direct the paths of others; that they may find their way home.

Now you feel that your time to sleep has come.
A peace fills your heart as you watch the setting of the evening sun.
In this still quiet moment you think back upon your race
And a look of comfort and satisfaction lightens up your face.

What glorious victory! What happiness divine!
You've lived your life lovingly and now dearly loved you'll die.
Yet you know, as you breath your last breathe, that in death you are truly free.
You'll soar to the heavens, enter those gates as trumpets sound, and n'er again worry nor cry.

For you've commensed to live forever
In the awesome presence of Lord Jesus Christ
And now you hear, standing before the throne of light,
"Welcome Dear Child, well done!"

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