Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roller Skating

I met a little girl tonight
When she I first did spy, her face was oh so blue
Tears I saw, brimming her eyes
For she'd come up against something that was quite hard for her to do.

My hand I tried to offer
But it was turned away
Though alone, I didn't want to leave her
I could tell more discomfort would arise if I'd stay.

At her insistence I kept on moving
Yet I could only think,
Of the look in her eyes that was so distressing, 
As I continued to roll, along with the others in that rink.

Every now and again I'd pass her
And try to give an encouraging smile,
Her discouragement seemed to increase and fester
And face saddened with the utter disappointment of a child.

Finally, I could bare it no longer
Over I rolled and beside her I sat.
Quiet in nature she seemed, yet most children will converse with someone owning a good ear.
And so I asked her tell me of herself, and we began to chat.

She spoke of horses, books, younger siblings;
Of all things young, innocent girls should know.
How beautiful it was to see her face lightening
As she spoke, forgetting her challenge with those 6-wheeled shoes.

She continued her bubbly talking as I continued to listen,
Her confidence seeming to grow with each sentence.
I then thought it best to try again.
So I gave her my hand, and she bravely grasped it, with some pretence.

Out we strode, her hand in mine.
And as the evening wore on
She grew to have a wonderful time.

Now I wonder
How often is that I ought
To simply sit and listen
When someone has no one with whom to share there thoughts?

How much better and happier
Would this world be
If we considered it a crucial matter
To think of and care for you, before I think of me?

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