Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trés Magnifique!!

I wanted to share some of my recent excitement with all of you.  This year in my co-op art class we've been learning about colors!  This is one of my assignments.  Done completely with colored pencils!!
 Up till now I've used your typical graphite drawing pencils for most of my drawings.  Excepting of course the occasional doodling with crayons or Sharpies, on the side :)
Taking this class has really heightened my sense of the colors around me. 
Not so much that I notice them more but that I am beginning to notice the details of the colors themselves more!
I am immensely enjoying learning more about them!!!

I am so grateful and amazed beyond words at God's creation of color. 
It's so profoundly wondrous to me, to witness color in motion.  The brilliant pinks and reds streaked across the morning sky, melting into the icy blue of the approaching day.  
The blues, blacks, whites, grays, greens, and browns that appear, then disappear, on the surface of a lake's rippling waters.  From a field drenched with the brilliant color of flowers.  To the silencing beauty of a rainbow after the rain, ever reminding us of God promise to mankind (genesis 9:9-12).
And have you ever noticed the hints of purple and red found, in the shadow, on the underside of a leaf?
Just contemplating what life would be like without color is so saddening, yet so exciting to know that we do have and are surrounded by colors!! 
Try to stop and think of how much joy colors alone bring into your life.
A simple thought maybe, but for me it has been mind-blowing.

So look around and enjoy God's creativity reflected by
this marvelous creation of His,


  1. Thank the Lord for color! Our God is such an awesome artist! I love the picture, you did a BEAUTIFUL job! ;) (Mom says its "very beautiful")

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  3. I love looking at this flower! Not only are the colors stunning, but the grace and feel of the real bloom have been captured as well. It's especially nice to see this when there are no blooms outside right now during the winter season. Keep up the good work.