Sunday, January 15, 2012

By No Other Name As Sweet. . .

Love, who on earth can wholly understand it?

It frightens, yet it comforts

It fights for what is right, yet is ever ready to live in peace

It judges with a righteous anger, yet, when asked, it, without hesitation, forgives with mercy and grace

It demands our very best, yet does not require perfection

It can feel like hurt, yet it heals

It threatens, yet it protects

It is risky even dangerous, yet in it's arms we find complete safety

It is so simple, yet increasingly complex

It can't be bought however it comes at a great cost

None can be worthy of it's presence, yet it none can live without it

It can be rejected but never stopped

It can be persecuted but never extinguished

Many times has it been professed, but only once, nailed to a cross, was it's truest identity ever portrayed
It's agents are joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control,
gentleness, and faithfulness

It is the producer of Hope

The foundation of Faith

The greatest of the three that forever remain

It brings life

It annihilates self

It evokes sacrifice

It is Love.  It . . . is God!

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