Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seemingly Simple

How often do you stop and think of how the seemingly mundane, every day things really have an extravagant      importance in your life?  We are completely surrounded by what we refer to as "simple," "little," or even "unimportant" things.   Are they really so simple?  So little?  
Think of air one of the many necessary things we take for granted.  The ability to inhale and exhale.  In reading the last 2 sentences you've breathed in and out about 5 or 7 times (hey that's not easy to count while you're reading).  
Here's another one.  The single movement of any of your fingers.  Simple right?  You probably just did it without even thinking.  But what about the actual intricacy of that single motion?  How much information has to pass from your brain, through the nervous system, to that specific finger, and at an AMAZING rate of speed!  And  if you just moved your finger again not only were you doing that but you were also contemplating all the work put into that one movement.  In other words, you were multi-tasking!!  
What I'm trying to get at is how simple do we really think the "simple" things of life really are?  How often do we stop ourselves from thinking of the huge "mountains" we may be facing, to find a genuine joy in the "simple" things with which we've been so abundantly blessed?  
A warm ray of sunshine on your face.  
The smell of coffee (can I hear an amen?!).  
A child's carefree giggle.  
The fact that, proven by the pile of dirty dishes, there was enough for everyone to have their fill at the last meal.  Crystal clear water that automatically flows from the spicket, as soon as you turn that little nob.  
And the countless other comforts of a home.
So I ask again, is "simple" really so simple?  Are not the seemingly "simple" things the things that are most important, most complex, and most profound?    

Jesus showed that the "simple" things are just as important to him as the "not-so-simple" things. 
He spoke of lilies in comparison to kings.  
He cares for the sparrows.  Probably the least favored of all birds.  
He won't ignore, but instead honors, the "simple" words, thoughts, and desires of children.    

Simple things wouldn't be so important to us if they really, truthfully weren't so simple in their impact on us.

What is something that you simply take for granted? 
Thank Jesus for the "simple" blessings He's given you.

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